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Photographed by Jacklyn Lune Photos


Rivy-Major has been in the photography field for over 8 years, and had found her love in Food Photography.

To come to this point, she has experienced and faced a variety of styles within this field.


Starting in Hong Kong in 2010, she had first taken interest in photography towards portraits, headshots, and personal projects. Later on, she found herself in fashion photography for local publications.

Then moved to NYC in 2015 to further her education in Fine Arts. From this, food photography, fine art (story line) portrait and product photography had peaked her interest. 


"Photography is a form of language for me. There are certain moments you see or experience in real life that's just unexplainable. The type of situations where ' you had to be there' to experience."


"My thoughts when capturing food photography are ' does this look appetizing enough?', 'will this draw me to visit that spot from just this photo?' 

Thinking like a customer is my fave part."

Now, she is a co-founder and resident creative photographer of @TheBoiisCo and a founder of @itslittleprints. Besides managing her small businesses, she continues her photography to help other small businesses with product/ food photography.

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